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Product Details
Product Number: 32363
Scale: 1:500,000
Alternate ID: GSG0006-2T
ISBN: 978-0-607-82545-9
Version Date: 01/01/1979
Regions: CO
Countries: USA
Media: Paper
Format: Flat
Additional Details
Description: This geologic map uses a combination of lines, symbols, and colors to show the composition and structure of earth materials and their distribution across and beneath the Earth's surface. They generally show bedrock formations like granite or limestone, surficial units such as sediment deposited by glaciers or rivers, and structures like folds and faults. Geologic maps can be used to identify geologic hazards, locate natural resources, and facilitate land-use planning. Geologic maps are available for several states, and many smaller areas within those states. Map scale is 1:500,000 and measures 51.5"x43". View online at: ado_geologicmap.jpg. Legend ID # 32362.
Survey Date: 1979
Height In Inches: 48.000
Length In Inches: 45.000
Boundary Type: Political Unit
Two Sided: No
Pieces: 1
Languages: English
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