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Product Number: 219373
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Version Date: 01/01/1984
Media: Paper
Format: Flat
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Description: Tau Rho Alpha, John P. Galloway, and Judy Weathers, cartographers with the U.S. Geological Survey, are creatively responsible for this whimsical depiction of the Land of OZ. The globe pattern and accompanying article appeared in The Oz Gazette published in Spring 1997 v. 9, no. 1 issue p. 4-5. John Galloway enlightens us as to how this project came to be...

For those of you unfamiliar with the geography of the Land of Oz, a few words may be in order.

This Map of the Marvelous Land of Oz was drawn by Professor H. M. Wogglebug, T. E., back in 1914. However, it incorporates much of the known Oz geography up to around 1920.

The most curious aspect of this map is the little known fact that East and West are reversed in Oz. You will notice that the Munchkin Country is in the East, but is also on the left hand side of the map--while the western Winkie Country is on the right hand side. This may seem curious ,but that is the way Oz is.

In Tik-Tok of Oz (1914) friends of Oz visited the land of Jinjin which is on the other side of Oz and can only be accessed through the Hollow Tube. So one day I was talking to Tau about maps and map projections. Tau said we can show the land of Jinjin just by using a different map projection. Tau and I came up with the idea of producing a globe to showJinjin in relationship to the wonderful world of Oz. Since the Oz Gazette's audience is geared toward children we thought this would be anexcellent way to teach children about maps, and map projections. Thus weproduced the Land of Oz Globe, based on the tennis-ball globe model thatTau developed. We then prepared a short article on the use of maps and map projections. We saw this as a win-win in that children could have fun making the tennis-ball model and learn about projections at the sametime.

Height In Inches: 8.500
Two Sided: No
Pieces: 1
Languages: English