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Concessionaire / Concessioner: An individual or a private company that is under permit or contract to operate a business on Federal land (i.e., campground, parking lot, ice cream stand, boat launch).

Domicile: A person may have more than one house or live in multiple locations, but has only one domicile. A domicile is a permanent residence - the place where a person returns to even though s/he may temporarily reside elsewhere.

Entrance Fee: Fee charged to access lands managed by National Park Service or Fish and Wildlife Service.

Standard Amenity Fee: Fee charged for use of Bureau of Land Management, USDA Forest Service, and Reclamation sites that have a combination of basic amenities - picnic tables, trash receptacles, toilets, developed parking, interpretive signing, and security.

Expanded Amenity Fee: Fee charged for "the extras" that aren't basic entrance or standard amenity fees. Examples include: camp grounds, boat launches, and guided tours.

Special Recreation Permit Fee: Fee charged for special facilities and services such as rock climbing permits, commercial and vending use, off-road vehicle use, competitive and special events, organized group activities, and individual or group use of special areas.

Non-Commercial Vehicle: Passenger car, van, pick-up truck, converted school bus, recreational vehicle, etc., used to enter a Federal recreation site for non-commercial purposes.

Validation: Pass expiration date punched and pass signed by pass owner(s).

Pass Owner: Person whose signature is on the back of the Pass.