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How do I show my pass at a site that doesn't have an entrance station?

At Federal recreation sites that don't have entrance stations you need to display your pass or show proof of pass ownership to compliance officers via one of the two following methods:

A pass can either be displayed on your rearview mirror using a free hangtag or on your dashboard with the signature side showing. Remember, the hangtag itself is only a way to display your Pass, and is not valid for entry unless it holds a valid Pass.

Why aren't passes issued or accepted at all Federal recreation sites?

  • Not all Federal recreation sites charge entrance fees.
  • Not all Federal recreation agencies participate in the program. For example, the Tennessee Valley Authority site does not issue the passes, yet they might honor the Senior and Access Passes for camping discounts. (Inquire locally).
  • Some facilities and activities on Federal recreation lands are managed by private concessionaires. The concessionaires charge for their services as any private company does.

Where can I get a pass?

  • Passes may be obtained at hundreds of locations throughout the country, including many Federal sites where they are accepted. See Site Locations that issue the Interagency Passes. PLEASE be sure to call a site and verify they are still issuing the passes BEFORE you make a special trip to obtain a pass.
  • Annual Passes may also be obtained through USGS (888-275-8747, option 3), or

What passes and materials are included in the program?

  • Annual Pass ($80.00 - anyone 16 years and older can purchase)
  • Lifetime Senior Pass ($80.00 - valid for the lifetime of the pass owner; must be 62+ older, U.S. citizen, or a permanent resident)
  • Annual Senior Pass ($20 - valid for one year from month of purchase; must be 62+ older, U.S. citizen, or a permanent resident)
  • Access Pass (Free for lifetime with documentation of permanent disability, U.S. citizens and permanent residents)

Does the Volunteer Pass provide any discounts on Expanded Amenity or Concessionaire (Concessioner) Fees?

No. The Volunteer Pass does not cover discounts on any Expanded Amenity or Concessionaire (Concessioner) Fees such as: camping, RV hook-ups, boat launching, backcountry permits, parking at Mount Rushmore, guided cave tours at Wind Cave National Park, or parking at some historic monuments or homes.