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Concessionaire / Concessioner: An individual or a private company that is under permit or contract to operate a business on Federal land (i.e., campground, parking lot, ice cream stand, boat launch).

Domicile: A person may have more than one house or live in multiple locations, but has only one domicile. A domicile is a permanent residence - the place where a person returns to even though s/he may temporarily reside elsewhere.

What is NOT covered by the Pass?

The Pass does not cover Expanded Amenity fees such as camping, boat launching, parking, special tours, special permits or ferries.

Also, some facilities and activities on Federal recreation lands (including those mentioned above) are managed by private concessionaires. The concessionaires charge for their services as any private company does and the Pass is not valid for their services.

I ride my bicycle into a Federal recreation site that charges an entry fee. Can my friends come in with me with my pass?

Yes, generally the pass owner and up to 3 other bicyclists can enter for free. Be sure to check with the recreation site you plan to visit before leaving because there can be differences in the way a pass is honored at different sites.